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  -  Latest Article   -  Best Italian Decor Ideas for Your Elegant Home in India
Italian style interior for drawing room.

Best Italian Decor Ideas for Your Elegant Home in India

best Italian décor in India

Irrespective of whether you prefer a chic metropolitan apartment or a tranquil villa by the countryside, Italian living spaces can exude all kinds of grandeur. The Italian-style homes often draw inspiration from the country’s rich culture, warm colour palettes and boasting traditional art. The influence of traditional reflection is eminent in Italian spaces. But don’t think that Italy isn’t at the forefront of contemporary design. With the perfect sync of classic regional influences and modern accents, Italian homes can become a blend of contemporary and historic.

Despite how effortlessly stunning Italian designs look, mastering the art of Italia for your decor can be quite intimidating. Amalgamating the right textures, colours and elements to achieve that impression of chic and suave can be daunting. However, if you want to pick the best Italian decor ideas for your home in India to look like a true Italian wonderland, then here are some decoration tips from top interior designers. Dive in and get your dose of inspiration to live la dolce vita.

Opulent, intricately designed chandeliers

Lights are the soul of every Italian home. Italian decor is all about the perfect proportion of Simplicity and ostentation. An elegant pendant light or a cluster of eloquent chandeliers can create a masterpiece in your space. They can act like a bright brush that can accentuate the rest of your décor and make it pop out nicely.

intricately Italian décor _ company renders _ Shruti sodhi interior designs

White marble flooring

In addition to the aesthetic side, white marble floors have tremendous other benefits as well. They can make the messiest spaces look immaculate and they can reflect light nicely. Italian spaces are all about defining clear lines in your interiors and when you choose white marble flooring for your space, you can get a blank canvas that you can experiment on. Pair a patterned, abstract rug as in the picture, some posh furniture, and your space will look marvelous at best.

white marble Italian décor in India _ company renders _ Shruti sodhi interior designs

Walls that ingrain a coastal vibe

Remember when you returned homes from your vacation and missed that tranquility? Coastal Blue is a soothing shade that contrasts all the light colors in your space. Especially when you have a white ceiling or when you want a background for your favorite white couch, painting your walls blue can be an exquisite way to jazz up the space.

intricately Italian décor India _ company renders _ Shruti sodhi interior designs

Artistic sculptures

All things Italian are sassy. Believe it or not but unless you pair a noteworthy sculptor in your Italian styled living room with some phenomenal art pieces, your décor is incomplete. White sculptors look more striking than usual so ensure to pick something white. Take inspiration from the sculptor as in the picture or use your own creativity to experiment with your space.

artistic sculptures Italian décor in india _ company renders _ Shruti sodhi interior designs

A marble fireplace

A ritzy marble fireplace can evoke awe in the eyes of the beholder. They can be one of those statement pieces of your home that feel cozy, look regal and impart an Italian vibe into the surroundings. Get an Italian marble fireplace with intricately carved details or opt for something sleek and elegant as the bold, black fireplace in the picture.


Italian-style home décor is in the trend now because it is ornate, gorgeously gilded, elegant and the true essence of luxury. For many popular interior designers in South Delhi, Italian is synonymous with beauty and panache. Italian-style homes look like a symphony of patterns, textures and opulence that mix in just the right proportion. With a subtle stroke of romanticism and a careful balance of design schemes, your interior can become quite the Bella. Just ensure to pick and implement the best suitable Italian décor ideas for your home that bring in the wow factor, so your ambience can sing the ballad of Italy in all its glory.