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Known for her creative ingenuity and steadfast dedication to the highest standards of excellence, it would be an understatement to note that Shruti Sodhi has continued to inspire and influence the design.


About Shruti

Acclaimed for her pioneering designs, Shruti Sodhi is the Founder and Principal Designer for the leading interior design firm, Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs. Celebrated as the prodigy of a generation, her avant-garde designs have continued to captivate clients and critics alike.

Even before, she had established herself as the top interior designer in her domain, Shruti Sodhi was an international model, notable marketing consultant, and prominent brand ambassador for corporate firms across the globe. Having graduated with top distinctions in English Honours with Psychology from St. Bede’s Catholic College, her innovative designs and meticulous precision caught the attention of leading international publications.

Her inimitably elegant designs range from modern contemporary to classical luxury and from ultramodern luxury to traditional simplicity. In the years that followed, her designs showcase a confluence of subtle elegance and intricate sophistication. As the Shruti Sodhi brand continued to ascend, she came to be known as a maestro of her art, and established herself as the leading designer across Delhi NCR.

Firmly establishing her mantle as the best interior designer in India, Shruti Sodhi was bestowed with the Top 25 Most Prominent Women Interior Designers of India, 2022 by Architecture and Interior Design Excellence Awards 2022. Under her visionary leadership, the Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs firm emerged as the top interior design firm Delhi NCR by winning the Leading Trendsetter Interior Design Firm of 2022 in the Premium Residential Projects, Hospitality Projects and Commercial Projects categories, as well as the ELDROK Indian Architecture Award 2022 for Excellence in Delivering Luxury Hospitality Designs.

Away from managing her growing interior design company, Shruti Sodhi is an avid reader, passionate dancer and finds serenity in spirituality. Her eclectic interests range from poetry and painting to theatre and sports. As a philanthropist, she continues to support various charities, and works tirelessly towards helping animals in distress.


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