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Modernistic modular kitchen.

5 important Things Installing Modular Kitchen

What does your kitchen mean to you? 5 important Things Installing Modular Kitchen :

It is the most important space in your home where you plan your meals, cook your favorite recipes and entertain guests. Skimping on kitchen design is never an option because one needs to look into the beauty as well as functionality to make your kitchen so much more than a conventional cooking space.

Irrespective of whether you live in a small apartment with confined storage, or you have sleek appliances in a dreamy layout of a large marble island, a slew of creative designs can always work to amp up your modular kitchen. Based on the suggestions from one of the best interior designers in Delhi, given below are 5 interior tips to consider if you’re planning for a modular kitchen inside your home:

Convenience is everything

Most homeowners prefer intricacy for design, however, professional designers think differently when it comes to kitchen design. Important parts of the kitchen like the cooktop, long cabinets, sink, etc. should be aligned on a straight line for better convenience. If you don’t want your space to be cluttered, then maintain a 4-9 feet gap between each element. Or you can follow the U or L shape rule for space, aesthetics and organization.

Have ample space for storage

The sole purpose of designing a modular kitchen is to get more storage. However, your storage should never interfere with your kitchen design. If you are looking for more storage go for a U-shaped kitchen layout as in the picture. It will provide you ample space to walk while providing you room for your cabinets and drawers.

ample space modular kitchen _ company renders 
_Shruti sodhi interior designs

The L-rule

The golden triangle rule of kitchen decorating is placing the cooktop and refrigerator along the same wall. The sink or the cabinets on the adjacent (as shown in the image below). This can only be implemented in the L-shaped kitchen. The shape facilitates a good shape for small spaces with sufficient counter area and movement.

L-shape modular kitchen _ company renders 
_Shruti sodhi interior designs

Your own spot to relax

Working in a kitchen can be hectic. After toiling the whole day, when you get in the kitchen to make some good food for you and your family, you need a place where you can relax mid cooking. Especially when you have an open kitchen, include a seating area that can serve as your gossip corner, resting place or dining area.

 Spot to relax modular kitchen _ company renders _ Shruti sodhi interior designs

What materials can make maintenance easy?

Doesn’t your kitchen witness way too much action start from the oil stains to the spice wars? If you want to make the maintenance easy for your kitchen, then the trick would be to cover your hood in the same material as your backsplash to make it look clean and sleek. Always prefer the glossy finishes as they are relatively easy to clean and tile as much surface as you can.

Conclusive Note

When you start designing, always follow the cues from the top interior decorators. Show off beautiful items like crockery if you can, and get pendant lights as the jewellery for your kitchen. There are so many brilliant ways to include juxtaposing materials and go for a matte or glossy finish depending on your personal preference.

5 important Things Installing Modular Kitchen :

Go for creative design ideas and transform your kitchen into a real work of art that is functionally beautiful.