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Bespoke Luxury Furniture


Create the Furniture You Need with Our Master Furniture Manufacturers

Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs has the best in-house luxury furniture designers and manufacturers. In the past, luxury furniture meant brand name and involved expensive raw materials. Today the top furniture manufacturers, Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs has redefined the term “Luxury” in more ways than one. As the best design firm, we believe that luxury comes from the human experience rather than the brand expression. Luxury goes beyond the name. It is actually an amalgamation of fabric, design and durability, which endows a piece of furniture with the elegance of luxury. 

With our team of leading furniture designers, Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs creates furniture that personify endurance, hope and vitality. We customize designs that best exemplify your aesthetics and home needs, while also covering a myriad of styles to ensure the furniture provides a luxurious experience. We may be the best interior design firm, but our repertoire of furniture design and manufacturing have found sensational success in both our commercial interior design projects as well as our residential interior design projects.

As the number 1 design company in Delhi, we do not believe in restricting our designs or ideas to one typology. Our consistent endeavor is to bring a positive transformation in your life. We combine our interior design projects seamlessly with our in-house furniture manufacturing services to metamorphose your life into a beautiful new form.

Our premium furniture is the best for all your interior design needs. If you are looking to transform your life into luxury, look no further than Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs, the best design firm. India’s most celebrated luxury interior design company, Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs strives to meet to deliver the best product every time. We do not just meet the physical needs of our clientele, but also delve deeper to match the persona of the living space. Our award winning furniture designs make us the top interior design firm in Delhi NCR.


Modern, Contemporary, Bespoke Craftmanship

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