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  -  Latest Article   -  5 Trendy Home Interior Design and Decoration Styles in 2022

5 Trendy Home Interior Design and Decoration Styles in 2022

A home that exudes beauty is the true epitome of class and style. Gone are the days when the simple four walls with a roof overhead were enough because now is the era of different interior design styles ranging from modern and industrial to art deco. With unparalleled finesse and unique design style, the home interior decorators in Delhi state how crucial it is to adhere to a unanimously beautiful decor theme. However, if you are having trouble selecting a home interior design, here is some inspiration for you!

  1. The Abstract Affair

Abstract designs have uncanny similarities with the contemporary and minimalist style interiors, but with a twist. Abstract designs focus on creating cohesion with chaos, unlike other interior design styles. With the abstract design, you can use contrasting colours, gold tones, black, grey, and white for balance, bold blue hues, and more. Just as in the picture you can also get art pieces that speak your mind and eccentric centrepieces or greens to establish the abstracts of your space. Go rogue with the lighting, we will say. Rely on the natural lighting aspect, but always have backup ambient light effects.

  1. Artistic Panache

If you are more into the idea of eclecticism, then this artistic panache theme is all for you. You can pick ideas and inspiration from a broad and diverse range of sources in artistic decor and create rich and layered spaces with design eras spanning centuries. Get gold, rose-gold tones, bring together contrasting style elements and textures for a bold, expressive theme that looks no less than a delight for the eyes.

  1. Minimalist Marvel

Minimalist Marvel is a wonder for those who want to stick with the basics while focusing on the brilliant. With a sleek, simple touch and an exceptionally cohesive arrangement, the minimalist decor focuses on clean, immaculate tones, contrasting use of neutral hues, bright lighting and subtle statement pieces.

  1. Neoclassical Beauty

The neoclassical architectural design embodies regal, simplistic yet highly functional spaces. Their clean detailing and dominantly, black, blue and grey colour palettes are combined with gold for a mid-century, modern style. With crisp lines and timeless centrepieces, the neoclassical style boldly signifies how it is inspired by the old-world designs and new decor trends. The perfect blend of old and new, neoclassical design themes are great for every home that wants to exude sophistication.

  1. Vintage Touch

The best part about the vintage-inspired charm is that it is timeless. Though the design is inspired by the class yet chic aspect of the former past, vintage designs are very much in the hype. What you can do is to combine the best functional aspect of the old-world decor with artistic trunks, lamps and neutral, beige or leather upholstery to bring in that vintage vibe.


While you are decorating, understand that decor styles are abundant and unique, so it is completely up to you to find a style that works the best for you. You can combine elements of different styles to get that personal touch. Just ensure that you research deeper about each of the styles and how each style matches your personal idea of beauty. Research well or get in touch with the best home interior designers & decorators in your reach to discuss and decide accordingly.