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  -  Latest Article   -  5 Best Inspirations for an Excellent Home-library or Bookshelf Design
5 Best Inspirations for an Excellent Home-library or Bookshelf Design _ shruti sodhi interior design.

5 Best Inspirations for an Excellent Home-library or Bookshelf Design

A home-library space can be a sacred space that amalgamates relaxation with personal learning. Your home library can be an oasis, a temple and an escape from the hectic daily lives. Some libraries are traditional; some are modern while others lie midway between conventional and contemporary. Whatever pleases your heart, you need to make sure that your home library is welcoming and ambient. In case you are looking for some inspiration to stack your treasured books, you can always believe in these tips from some of the top interior decorators in New Delhi.

1. Floating Shelves

5 Best Inspirations for an Excellent Home-library or Bookshelf Design _ shruti sodhi interior design.
If you want to show off your book fair loot or your favourite books in the most organized and stylish way then floating shelves can be your one-stop solution. They don’t take up a lot of space and you can see how easily you can stack up the floating shelves on your walls.

2. Bookcase room dividers
Modernistic bookshelf.
Bookcase room dividers have so many glorious hidden quirks. The bookcase room dividers give the illusion of a scholarly twist that continues with the minimal sprinkled theme. The best part is the modular shelving aesthetic that creates a clean, linear appeal without any setbacks.

3. A staircase wonder
Home library.
Have you ever thought about how much space is wasted beneath your staircase? This staircase bookshelf design with an earthy tone looks no less than a wonder with the vintage touch. The retro yet metro design when combined with the Oakwood finish looks like an epiphany wrapped in sheer luxury. There is ample room for your books. You can mix and match some art pieces and the best part is the lighting. The lined led lights, antique lamps and natural lights can escalate the overall feel of your space.

4. Cube Storage
Square shaped bookshelf.
The best part about selecting a cube bookshelf is its multipurpose usage. You can use the bookcase to show off your treasured possessions as well. The industrial style when combined with the stunningly modern cubes can create appealing aesthetics for your home. Cube bookcases are known to showcase a simple design that exudes a chic yet timeless feel for your treasured collection.

5. A secret door bookcase
If you are into something space-saving as well as quirky, then the secret door bookcase is your one-stop solution. You can turn the room into a personal retreat where you can have your own tranquil time with the books. The bookcase will look like it has jumped straight out of the fantasy fairy tales. When you combine the alluring nature of secret rooms with a vintage bookcase, you can create pure bliss with your library collection.


Books are full of design inspiration, but when you need a stunning library arrangement for your books at your home, these home-library designs can always serve the purpose. With inspiration from the best interior designers, you can always create snug sitting areas that are full of splendour. Get started now and create formal and elegant or colourful and cosy home-library areas.