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Master bedroom.

Vastu Tips: The Best Direction to Place Your Bed

Do you know that on average, a human spends one-third of his life sleeping? Understanding and analyzing power of a sleep-deprived person can sink downhill. Proper sleeping schedule plays an integral part in calming the nerves. Often sleeping positions and positive vibes in a room are intertwined with the norms of Vastu Shastra.

Vastu Shastra is known as the Indian cosmic science of architecture that regulates a harmonious environment and creates rhythm and balance to ensure a better life. Aligning and rearranging bed positions according to the governing precepts of Vastu can be a boon for romantic relationships, stabilizing the emotional intelligence of growing kids, and elicit the right hormones for better sleeping schedules.

Vastu says that the way you lie down at night can affect your overall sleep quality and health. Even rearranging your bed can make a huge difference. Given below are some Vastu tips for your bed placement recommended by most of the top home interior designers in Delhi NCR and other major cities across the world adhering which one can get peace and prosperity.

Direction of bedroom

As per Vastu, the bedroom must be ideally located in the south-west direction to bring health and prosperity for the homeowner. While south-west is the ideal direction for the bedroom, the northeast or southeast zone is believed to be a zone for the negative aura that results in quarrels among the couples and cause health issue. Additionally, if you are considering making a children’s bedroom, then it should be built on the north-east side because that zone is known to be the creative and intellectual side of the home.

Vastu idea for home.

Bed placement rules as per Vastu Shastra

Vastu recommends the bed to be placed with the head towards the east or south. In the master bedroom, the bed should be placed either in the south or the west to influence the sleep quality and the health of the family positively. The best should be placed against the wall in the west or the south so that the legs point towards the north or the east when someone lies down. The Vastu experts also recommend that the bed shouldn’t be placed on the corner of the room as it prevents the positive energy from flowing freely.

Master bedroom.

As per the laws of Vastu, the bed in the guest room can have its head towards the west. It should also be noted that the bed position should be along the central part of the wall so the bedroom remains spacious and you get enough space to move around.

The direction of legs while sleepingBenefit 
EastReputation and wealth
WestHarmony and spiritualism
NorthProsperity and opulence

Wood as a material is always recommended, because the metal bed can create vibrations, and to encourage togetherness, one single mattress is always suggested rather than joining two mattresses together. You can pick one vintage, regal design for bed as shown in the picture, or you can pick your own.

Vastu Tips: The Best Direction to Place Your Bed

Bedroom attics to align your stars in the right direction

As per the fundamentals of Vastu and Feng Shui, even the smallest of things can turn your fortune cards around. Tweak your bedroom as per Vastu Shastra and channel positive energy in your bedroom. When it’s true that we doze for a third of our life, giving our bed the privilege to be arranged harmoniously with the help of the best interior decorators in Delhi can be the key to peaceful living.