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  -  Latest Article   -  Black Walls – the Latest Decorating Trend for Your Classic Walls

Black Walls – the Latest Decorating Trend for Your Classic Walls

Although we may think that colours are randomly used in interior designs based on the contrast and palette, this isn’t true. Psychology of colours can have a significant influence on the mood and reflect the taste of homeowners. This is why most of the interior decorators in Delhi live for colour psychology.

Almost everyone tries to go for white and subtle light hues because they go with everything. Even if you pair the walls with any random wall décor piece, they will take it up as their part. But isn’t that way too obvious and boring? This is when black and the darker shades come into play.

Why Black?

  • White can support other colours but black when put on a light or neutral background, gives a sophisticated air to interior design.
  • The black colour is ideal for bringing out certain elements in any room.
  • Every room can use a touch of black because the shade adds a focal point of colour to the anchors, grounds, ceilings and help to sharpen the decorating scheme.
  • Most popular home interior designers use black to energize a space, hide imperfections, create a graphic look, highlight a view, and emphasize the height and craft out the illusion of more architecture.

The key is not using too much black and even if you are doing it, use it in parts and different tones to make the appearance distinguished.

Ways to incorporate black in your interiors

Black by itself is distinctive but when you have amazing architecture, then adding some textural and exciting effects of black in parts to your walls can create lines, movements and filters that you always wanted to have. Check out these tips and pictures and see how easy to make the shade work:

  1. Black textured walls

Using too much black can make your home look like a satanic premise. Rather than doing it, you can always create a promising appearance while playing with textures and patterns.

  1. Using different tones

Even if you are determined to use the sole shade of black in your walls, you can use different tones of black like grey for a more promising look.

  1. One single wall to stand out

If you have a centrepiece, a painting or just a boring wall to which you want to draw attention, then painting it with black can do wonders as done in the picture below.

  1. Black tiles for a more polished look

Black tiles give your walls a classy look that you have often admired in clubs, movies and theatres. You can use black tiles, in your playroom, library or even living room and your visitors will instantly find the slate effect mesmerizing.

  1. Black in parts

Also on the white walls, you can use black in pieces as shown in the picture, and the wall would look amazing.

Black – the new chapter for interior decoration of walls

Are you brave enough to include the profound impact of black walls in your home? Walls adorned with the shade of black craft phenomenal boldness, drama, elegance and unique appeal that are the critical elements of a stunning interior. Undoubtedly black isn’t a shade that you would immediately jump to while picking a paint shade, but considering it will always be a great option. Choose black over the minimalistic and white themes and give your monotonous walls a vibrant kick.