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Vastu tips for the Mirrors

Mirrors have been a part of human culture since ancient times, often considered the jewels of the world. Indeed, their beauty and functionality make them indispensable. While their most obvious use is for checking one’s appearance, mirrors play a significant role in interior design by enhancing and elevating the aesthetics of your home.

In this blog, we will guide you through the aspects of using mirrors in design, as well as their role in Vastu Shastra. Our goal is to provide you with valuable insights to help you maximize the benefits of mirrors in your living spaces.

Mirrors According to Vastu

Vastu principles state that mirrors are incredibly auspicious for your home or apartment. They act as storehouses of energy, reflecting both positive and negative influences. Mirrors symbolize wealth and happiness, and their placement, direction, and shape can significantly impact your overall well-being, prosperity, and joy. Properly positioned mirrors can amplify positive energies and enhance the beauty and harmony of your living environment.

 Shapes of Mirrors

Shapes are crucial when it comes to Vastu Shastra. Imagine entering a house without a door or buying a house with an odd shape like triangular or circular. The point here is to emphasize the importance of shapes from a Vastu and astrological perspective. Shapes act like ‘Yantras’ (machinery and portals), storing and exerting energy. Square and rectangular shapes are considered auspicious in Vastu because they distribute energy evenly. An upward triangle is also favorable as it emits positive energy. However, avoid oval, circular, downward triangular, and coffin-shaped mirrors as they are considered inauspicious.

Mirrors for Different Areas

Mirrors in Narrow Passages: Avoid placing mirrors in narrow passages as they attract negative energies. Never place mirrors opposite each other, as this can cause impatience and troubles within the household.

Mirrors in the Staircase Area: Do not place mirrors in the staircase area, as reflecting the staircase can attract negativity.

Mirror for the Dining Room: Placing a mirror in your dining area is considered highly auspicious. Position the mirror so that it reflects your dining table and chairs, symbolizing abundance and prosperity.

Mirror for Your Bedroom: Mirrors in the bedroom are not prohibited by Vastu. In fact, they can be beneficial if positioned correctly. Ensure that the mirror is either standing alone or attached to a dresser, but it should not reflect your bed while you sleep, as this is not good for household harmony.

Mirrors for the Bathroom: Mirrors are essential in the bathroom, adding to its aesthetic. According to Vastu, keep the mirror clean as it symbolizes happiness and wealth. Avoid placing stickers or bindis on the mirror, and do not position it opposite the bathroom door.

Mirrors for the Study Room: Avoid placing mirrors in the study room where they reflect the table or chair. This can distract concentration, especially for children.

Mirrors and Fortune

Fortune encompasses more than just money and wealth; it includes positive thinking, happiness, good health, and overall well-being. Here are some tips for using mirrors to enhance fortune:

  1. Living Room: Place a mirror to reflect the entire space, amplifying positivity.

2. Avoid Staircases: Do not position mirrors near staircases.

3. Mirror Positioning: North and north east

4. Clean Mirror : Always clean the mirror make sure you don’t put any stickers or bindi or anything on the Mirror

5. Avoid leaning of mirror : do not lean the mirrors